2011 Dhron Mosel Vintage Report, courtesy of Andreas Adam

paraphrasing here:

The winter of 2010/2011 was the hardest and coldest in recent memory (no doubt similar to that experienced in NY and New England!) and many new plantings were lost. Summer completely bypassed spring, resulting in early shoots and a 4 week early flowering. Holy Schist! A cloudy (and rainy) June/July/August offered relief from the stressful spring, though as Andreas points out, summer was “good for the vines, not for the people.” A colossal hail storm on the 26th of August devestated the Mosel and narrowly passed the Dhron Valley- air moves quickly from the Hunsr├╝ck Mts along the Dhron and pushed the storm away. Fruit, ripening over 2 weeks early, was heavily damaged in other parts of the region. Indian summer arrived afterwards, with a dry September and even drier October, allowing for a still early harvest with relatively high Oechsle (though not like 2010) and moderate acidity.